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  • vision X

    BlackHat Hacker

    5 years experience 2 projects worked $110.00/hr

    Computer Hacker

    Corporate Mail

    Custom Apps

    Database Analyst

    You can contact me directly for anything related above.

  • Binary Hacker


    10 years experience 23 projects worked $90.00/hr

    Certified Ethical Hacker, Phone Hack,Computer hack,DataBase Hack. E.t.c

    My services are discrete and 100% Success guaranteed

    100% money back Guaranteed

  • theplague

    Certified Ethical Hacker, penetration tester, information security analyst

    16 years experience 10 projects worked $90.00/hr

    I am a hacker with extreme confidence in my work. It can never be a question of whether the job can be done or not because it will be. With my experience in the cyber security space, your request would most likely be a walk in the park for me. Money back guaranteed if you are not satisfied with my work. A trial is enough

  • Albert Guzman

    Certified Ethical Hacker | M.S. Cybersecurity | CISSP, Security+, CEH | Expert Penetration Tester

    16 years experience 0 projects worked $110.00/hr

    As an expert penetration tester and cybersecurity researcher, I have a deep understanding of the end-to-end security process to ensure all vulnerabilities are identified. My experience testing web applications, databases, systems, and networks come from my background as a Penetration Tester for Cisco Systems, the world’s leading network, and IT provider, and founding Pensive Security, a cybersecurity advising firm.

    I have worked with a group of Certified Ethical Hackers using internally developed tools in addition to open source and…


    100% satisfaction upon work results ! Guaranteed Refund Policy!

    14 years experience 24 projects worked $90.00/hr

    We offer TOP class and professional Hacking services for consultation and make sure your personal information is 100% safe with great anonymity and privacy satisfactory level .


    We understand how to look for weaknesses and vulnerabilities in target systems in a lawful and legitimate manner to assess the security posture of a target system(s)and protect the credibility…

  • Proxy Bower

    Vulnerability, Recovery expert, Translation and Localization Professional

    12 years experience 15 projects worked $120.00/hr

    Certified Ethical Black Hat that offers an outstanding customer service and fully detailed results. Expert in PHONE HACK (iOS, Android) FUNDS RECOVERY (Binary Options), DELETION of unwanted messages/posts. Vast experience in exposing just about anything, check me out.

  • Karl Castro

    Certified Cyber Security

    12 years experience 0 projects worked $90.00/hr

    Expert in Vulnerability and Reputation Management –  Investment Fund Recovery Expert – Cyber forensic and Investigation – Crack any device and social media account – Regain database and remove virus threat.

    12 Years Experience Most Trusted Certified Ethical Hacker. Contact for Hire!! MONEY BACK GUARANTEED!!

  • digitalhac

    White hat hacker

    11 years experience 61 projects worked $90.00/hr

    A professional hacker

    Fund recovery expert



    10 years experience 43 projects worked

    Professional Hacker.

    Fund Recovery Expert

  • Hack B0$$

    Professional Hacker for hire!! Moneyback Guaranteed

    16 years experience 60 projects worked $90.00/hr

    My services are very confidential and discrete.I guarantee 100% success,

    After trying my service, if you’re not satisfied in any way, simply ask for a full refund immediately. You will receive full refund with NO QUESTIONS ASKED!  I offer such an ironclad guarantee because of absolute confidence in my services. You have absolutely nothing to lose here. You have everything to gain!

    For about 16 years, I have made so many clients happy through many hacking platforms and companies. I…